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Similar words: hickey · prickly · quickly · sickly · thick · thicken · thicket · thinly · thirdly · tickle
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1 adverb in thick slice or layerhe thickly sliced the bread ghearr sé an t-arán ina chantaí tiubhashe spread the butter thickly on it chuir sí ladar ime airthe paint was applied too thickly cuireadh cóta róthiubh péinte airthe roof was thickly coated with snow bhí brat tiubh sneachta ar an díon, bhí sneachta ina shlaodanna ar an díon 2 adverb densely, heavilygo tiubhgo dlúth  c m uthe snow was falling thickly bhí an sneachta ag titim go tiubhthickly wooded hills cnoic a bhfuil dlúthchoillte orthu 3 adverb of way of speakinghe was speaking thickly bhí a theanga ina phluc aige, ramhraigh a theanga air 4 adverb of accenthe spoke in thickly accented English bhí blas láidir ar a chuid Béarla