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the one

pronounan duine  c m uan té  c m uTom is the one who has to pay is é Tom an duine a chaithfidh íoc, Tom a chaithfidh íocshe's the one who did all the work is ise an té a rinne an obair go léir, ise a rinne an obair uilewe're the ones that are responsible is sinne na daoine atá freagrach, sinne atá freagrach the only one an t-aon duine, an t-aon duine amháinyou were always the lucky one bhíodh an t-ádh leatsa i gcónaíhe takes the younger ones to school tugann sé an dream is óige ar scoil, tugann sé an mhuintir bheaga ar scoil → see one

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