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1 noun shelterpuball masc1 to pitch a tent puball a chur suastwo-person tent puball beirtetent poles cuaillí pubaill 2 noun marqueeollphuball masc1puball masc1circus tent ollphuball sorcais
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3 verb make tent shape TRANSITIVEto tent your fingers barr na méar a chur le chéile


adjectivea tented hospital ospidéal i bpuballa tented village baile puball
phrasal verbs

tent out

1 (v + adv) (US) camp out INTRANSITIVEbheith ag campáilwe tented out at the weekend bhíomar ag campáil ag an deireadh seachtaine 2 (v + adv) (US) form tent shape TRANSITIVElíon verb  c m umy dress tented out in the wind líon mo ghúna leis an ngaoth, rinne an ghaoth seol de mo ghúna

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