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Similar words: studied · shudder · studies · stuffed · stumped · stunned · stunted · sudden · unstudied · shredded
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studded is a grammatical form of: stud »


1. adjective decorated with metal, jewels etc2. adjective of football boots3. adjective AUTO of tyres4. adjective CONSTR of a wall5. adjective of road, surface 1 adjective decorated with metal, jewels etcstodáiltea studded jacket casóg stodáiltethe night sky was studded with stars bhí spéir na hoíche beac le réaltaí 2 adjective of football bootsstodáilte 3 adjective AUTO of tyresbocóideach adjstodáilte 4 adjective CONSTR of a wallstaiceannacuaillithea studded wall balla cuaillithe 5 adjective of road, surfacestodáilte