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1. adjective very hot2. adjective very angry3. adjective very drunk4. noun COOK cooking with steam5. noun cleaning with steam6. noun TRANSP trip in steam vehicle 1 (also steaming hot) adjective very hotgalacha steaming cup of tea cupán tae tethe crater was steaming bhí gal ag teacht as an gcráitéarit was steaming hot inside bhí sé an-te laistigh 2 (also steaming mad) adjective informal very angryar buile  c m uar mire  c m ushe was steaming mad bhí sí ar buile, bhí sí le ceangal
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3 (also steaming drunk) adjective very drunkar meisce  c m uólta  c m ucaochta  c m uhe was steaming bhí sé ar deargmheisce, bhí sé caochta, bhí sé dubhólta, bhí sé ar a chaoil 4 noun COOK cooking with steamgalú masc  c m ugalbhruith  c m u 5 noun cleaning with steamgalú masc  c m u 6 noun TRANSP trip in steam vehicleturas gaile