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Similar words: stumped · swamped · ampere · cramped · impede · ramped · scamper · slumped · stabled · stacked
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1. verb of herd, crowd2. verb force into course of action3. noun of herd, crowd4. noun rush to do something5. noun rodeo 1 verb of herd, crowd
INTRANSITIVEtéigh chun scaoillimigh i dtáinriththe elephants stampeded d'imigh na heilifintí chun scaoillthey were stampeding towards us bhí siad ag teacht inár dtreo ina dtáinrith
TRANSITIVEcuir chun scaoillit stampeded the horses chuir sé na capaill chun scaoill
2 verb force into course of action TRANSITIVEthey were stampeded into war cuireadh iallach orthu dul chun cogaidh faoi dheifir, brúdh chun cogaidh faoi dheifir iad 3 noun of herd, crowdtáinrith masc3 4 noun rush to do somethingwe were expecting a stampede of customers bhíomar ag súil leis na sluaite custaiméiríthere was a stampede for tickets bhí sciob sceab ar thicéidit caused a stampede to sell them bhí daoine faoi bhroid á ndíol 5 noun rodeoróidió