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stake up

(v + adv) HORT TRANSITIVEtaca a chur le → see stake


1. noun COMM in business2. noun in sth important to you3. noun bet4. noun post5. verb bet sth6. verb put sth at risk7. verb HORT support
1 noun COMM in businessleas masc3  c m ubun masc1  c m upeople who have a stake in the business daoine a bhfuil leas acu sa ghnó, daoine a bhfuil bun acu sa ghnó 2 noun in sth important to youI've got a personal stake in it tá lámh agam féin annthe community had a stake in solving the problem bhí lámh ag an bpobal san fhadhb a réiteach
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3 noun betgeall masc1  c m usmall or large stakes are accepted glactar le geallta idir bheag agus mhór to raise the stakes na geallta a ardú 4 noun postcuaille masc4posta masc4  c m ustáca masc4  c m u 5 verb bet sth TRANSITIVEgeall a churhe staked five euro on each race chuir sé cúig euro ar gach rás, chuir sé geall cúig euro ar gach rás, chuir sé cúig euro i ngeall ar gach rás 6 verb put sth at risk TRANSITIVEcuir i mbaolcuir i gcontúirtshe staked her artistic reputation on them chuir sí a clú mar ealaíontóir i mbaol leoI staked my all on it chuir mé a bhfuil agam i ngeall air 7 (also stake up) verb HORT support TRANSITIVEfrapa a chur faoitaca a chur leyou'll need to stake the tomatoes beidh ort taca a chur leis na trátaí

at stake

1 at riski mbaollives were at stake bhí beatha daoine i mbaola thousand jobs were at stake during the strike bhí míle post i gcontúirt a gcaillte le linn na stailce 2 at issuei gceistidir chamáinwe discussed the concepts at stake phléamar na coincheapa a bhí i gceistwhat's at stake is our understanding of culture ár dtuiscint ar chultúr an rud atá idir chamáin

to go to the stake for sth


go to the stake over sth

) it's not worth going to the stake for ní fiú do bheatha a chur i mbaol mar gheall air, ní fiú do cheann a chur i ngeall air

to pull up stakes

(US), informaldo sheolta a ardúthey pulled up stakes and moved to Canada d'ardaigh siad a seolta agus bhog siad go Ceanada

to stake a claim


to stake your claim

) éilighthey staked a claim for autonomy d'éiligh siad neamhspleáchas

to stake your life on sth

geall a chur ar rudI'd stake my life on it chuirfinn geall air