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1 adjective possessing skilloilte adj3  c m usciliúil adj2they're looking for skilled workers tá siad ag lorg oibrithe oilte to be skilled in sth bheith oilte ar rud, scil a bheith agat i rudthey're skilled in the use of computers tá siad oilte ar ríomhairí, tá lámh mhaith acu ar ríomhairí 2 adjective requiring skilloilte adj3  c m ua bhfuil scil ag baint leisskilled work obair a bhfuil scil ag baint léi 3 adjective showing or done with skillealaíonta adj3  c m ua skilled performance of the play léiriú ealaíonta den drámatheir skilled use of light an úsáid ealaíonta a bhain siad as an solas

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