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1. adjective indicating position in sequence, order etc2. adverb at number sixteen in sequence, order3. adverb expressing degree4. noun sixteenth person or thing5. noun in dates6. noun fraction 1 adjective indicating position in sequence, order etcséú ... déagfor the sixteenth time den séú huair déagon the sixteenth floor ar an séú hurlár déagafter the sixteenth programme tar éis an séú clár déagat the end of the sixteenth century ag deireadh an séú haois déag, ag deireadh an séú céad déaghis sixteenth match this year an séú cluiche déag aige i mbliana, a shéú cluiche déag i mbliana 2 adverb at number sixteen in sequence, ordershe came sixteenth tháinig sí sa séú háit déag
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3 adverb expressing degreethe sixteenth biggest city in the world an séú cathair déag is mó ar domhanhe came sixteenth last chríochnaigh sé sa séú háit déag ón deireadh 4 noun sixteenth person or thinghe was the sixteenth to qualify ba eisean an séú duine déag a cháilighthat's the sixteenth in the series sin an séú ceann déag sa tsraith 5 noun in datesJanuary the sixteenth an séú lá déag EanáirMonday, the sixteenth of August Dé Luain, an séú lá déag de Lúnasashe's coming on the sixteenth tá sí ag teacht ar an séú lá déag 6 noun fractionsédéagú masc4  c m uan séú cuid déag NPa sixteenth of the budget an séú cuid déag den bhuiséad, aon sédéagú den bhuiséadone sixteenth of a second aon sédéagú de shoicindfive sixteenths cúig shédéagú