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Similar words: situated · actuate · citrate · nitrate · satiate · state · titrate · insinuate · situation · hesitate
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1 verb locate TRANSITIVElonnaigh verb  c m usuigh verb  c m ucuir verb  c m uthey situated the factory by the river lonnaigh siad an mhonarcha taobh leis an abhainn 2 verb put in context TRANSITIVEsuigh verb  c m ucuir verb  c m uyou must situate it in an international context caithfidh tú é a chur i gcomhthéacs idirnáisiúnta, caithfidh tú breathnú air i gcomhthéacs idirnáisiúntathe story was situated in the past bhí an scéal suite sa seanam

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