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1. adjective MED extremely serious2. adjective MET extremely harsh3. adjective LAW extremely strict4. adjective grim, unfriendly5. adjective CLOTH, FASH, ARCHIT plain, austere6. adjective demanding 1 adjective also MED extremely seriousdian adj1  c m utrom adj1  c m usevere blow buille crua, buille tromshe has a severe cold tá slaghdán trom uirthi, tá drochshlaghdán trom uirthisevere difficulties mórdheacrachtaísevere vomiting urlacan trom 2 adjective MET extremely harshanróiteach adj1  c m ucrua adj3  c m udian adj1  c m usevere cold fuacht deannachtach, fuacht polltachsevere frost sioc crua, sioc tromsevere storms drochstoirmeacha, stoirmeacha mórasevere wind gaoth dheannachtach, gaoth fheanntach
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3 adjective also LAW extremely strictdian adj1  c m ugéar adj1  c m uit's a severe penalty is mór an pionós é, pionós dian atá ann to be severe with sb bheith dian ar dhuine, bheith géar ar dhuine, bheith trom ar dhuine 4 adjective grim, unfriendlydian adj1  c m ugéar adj1  c m u to look severe cuma ghéar a bheith ort 5 adjective CLOTH, FASH, ARCHIT plain, austerea severe building foirgneamh lomshe was dressed in a very severe suit bhí culaith an-dian uirthi 6 adjective demandingcrua adj3  c m udian adj1  c m uI faced a severe test of my patience chuaigh sé crua orm foighne a dhéanamhwe'll have to withstand severe scrutiny beidh orainn teacht slán trí dhianscrúdú

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