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Similar words: get on · let on · set in · sit on · set down · set upon · rest on · sell on · send on · set off
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set on


set upon

) 1 (v + prep) violently attack TRANSITIVEionsaí a dhéanamh ar VPionsaigh verb  c m utabhair faoi PhrV  c m uthey were set upon by thieves thug gadaithe fúthu, d'ionsaigh gadaithe iad 2 (v + prep) cause (dog etc) to attack TRANSITIVEcuir i ndiaidh VPcuir sa tóir ar VPcuir i PhrV  c m uthey set the dog on him chuir siad an madra ina dhiaidh, chuir siad an madra ann, dhreasaigh siad an madra ann → see set

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