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see to

1 (v + prep) deal with sth TRANSITIVEbreathnaigh i ndiaidhamharc i ndiaidhféach i ndiaidhaire a thabhairt dothe neighbours saw to the cats bhreathnaigh na comharsana i ndiaidh na gcat, d'amharc na comharsana i ndiaidh na gcat, thug na comharsana aire do na caitshe went to hospital to have her back seen to chuaigh sí chuig an ospidéal chun cóir leighis a fháil dá droim 2 (v + prep) be the cause of sth TRANSITIVEthe wind saw to it that they couldn't fly chinntigh an ghaoth nach mbeidís in ann eitilt, chuir an ghaoth stop lena gcuid eitilte → see see

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