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1. adjective subsidiary2. adjective ED of post-primary education3. adjective resulting from existing infection MED4. adjective separate from original data5. noun of cancer MED6. noun of feather ORNITH 1 adjective subsidiarytánaisteach adj1  c m ua secondary part in a drama mionpháirt i ndrámait's of secondary importance níl sé róthábhachtach 2 adjective ED of post-primary educationmeánscoilemeán- prefsecondary education meánoideachas, oideachas dara leibhéalsecondary school teacher múinteoir meánscoile 3 adjective resulting from existing infection MEDtánaisteach adj1  c m usecondary cancer ailse thánaisteach 4 adjective separate from original datatánaisteach adj1  c m usecondary text téacs tánaisteach 5 noun of cancer MEDailse thánaisteach 6 noun of feather ORNITHcleite thánaisteach