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scattered is a grammatical form of: scatter »


1 adjective dispersed randomlyscaipthe adj3  c m uthere were pages scattered all over the place bhí leathanaigh scaipthe ar fud na háite 2 adjective sparsely found over wide areascaipthe anseo is ansiúdthere are standing stones scattered around the area tá galláin anseo is ansiúd ar fud an cheantair 3 adjective occurring in few placesscaipthe adj3  c m uscattered showers ceathanna scaipthe, múraíl scaipthe 4 adjective of objects dispersed randomlyclúdaithe lebreac lethe beach was scattered with jellyfish bhí an trá clúdaithe le smugairlí róin, bhí an trá breac le smugairlí róin 5 adjective text with numerous exampleslán le  c m ubreac lethe book is scattered with literary references tá an leabhar lomlán le tagairtí don litríocht → see scatter