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rose is a grammatical form of: rise »


1. noun BOT, HORT flower2. noun BOT, HORT rose bush3. noun HORT sprinkler of a watering can4. noun ARCHIT feature on ceiling5. noun COL colour6. adjective COL soft pink
1 noun BOT, HORT flowerrós masc1  c m u 2 noun BOT, HORT rose bushrósóg fem2  c m utom róis 3 noun HORT sprinkler of a watering cansoc masc1  c m u 4 noun ARCHIT feature on ceilingrós masc1  c m u 5 noun COL colourdath an róisrósdath masc  c m u 6 (also rose-coloured) adjective COL soft pinkar dhath an róisrósach adj1  c m u

to come up smelling of roses


to come out smelling of roses

) informalteacht as go han-mhaith

everything's coming up roses

tá cuma mhaith ag teacht ar chúrsaí

not a bed of roses


not all roses

) it's no bed of roses níl dada éasca ag baint leis, ní saill gan fiacha é

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