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Similar words: cringing · wringing · rigging · rinsing · singing · bridging · clinging · stinging · swinging · banging
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ringing is a grammatical form of: ring »


1 noun noise of bellcling  c m uclingireacht fem  c m ubualadh masc  c m ushe heard the ringing of a bell chuala sí clingireacht cloig, chuala sí cloigín á bhualadh 2 noun MUS sounding of bellsclingíneachtclingireacht fem  c m ubualadh masc  c m u 3 noun MED noise in earsgliogar masc1there was a ringing in my ears bhí gliogar i mo chluasa 4 adjective whole-heartedit was hardly a ringing endorsement ní fhéadfaí a rá gur ardmholadh éit's not a ringing affirmation but it's enough ní dearbhú iomlán é ach is leor é

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