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Similar words: result · result in · resultant · resulting · resolute · respects · restless · insult · resale · reseat
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results is a grammatical form of: result »


1 noun of research etctorthaí masc1  c m uthe results of the survey torthaí an tsuirbhé 2 noun ED of examtorthaí masc1  c m uexam results torthaí scrúdaithe to get your results do chuid torthaí a fháil 3 noun successthe scheme is seeing results tá ag éirí go maith leis an scéim, tá toradh ag teacht ar an scéim 4 noun COMM, FIN company figurestorthaí masc1  c m uresults after tax torthaí iarchánach, torthaí i ndiaidh cánach → see result

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