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1. noun materials for work or study 2. noun natural substance3. noun course of action; resort4. noun COMP of computing5. noun resourcefulness6. verb provide with money, staff etc
1 noun materials for work or study acmhainn fem2  c m uteaching resource acmhainn teagaisconline resources acmhainní ar líne 2 noun natural substanceacmhainn fem2  c m uto exploit natural resources acmhainní nádúrtha a shaothrúrenewable resource acmhainn in-athnuaite
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3 noun course of action; resortseift fem2  c m urogha fem4  c m umy only resource was to go home ní raibh de rogha agam ach dul abhaile, ní raibh agam ach dul abhaile 4 noun COMP of computingacmhainn fem2  c m u 5 noun resourcefulnessacmhainn fem2  c m uteacht aniar  c m ushe was a woman full of resource bean í a raibh an-acmhainn inti, bean í a raibh an-teacht aniar inti, bean sheiftiúil a bhí inti 6 verb provide with money, staff etc TRANSITIVEacmhainní a chur ar fáil dothe plan must be resourced caithfear acmhainní a chur ar fáil don phleanthe project is resourced by the parents is iad na tuismitheoirí atá ag díol as an tionscadal

to be thrown on your own resources

bheith fágtha ar do chonlán féin

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