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removals is a grammatical form of: removal »


1. noun detaching, moving, cleaning an object from sth2. noun abolishing or ending sth3. noun of moving house4. noun firing, sacking sb5. noun LAW, GOV of incarceration6. noun REL (of dead) to church 1 noun detaching, moving, cleaning an object from sthbaint fem2  c m uglanadh masc  c m ugraffiti removal glanadh graifítíhe ordered the removal of cars from the road d'ordaigh sé go gcuirfí na gluaisteáin den bhóthar, d'ordaigh sé na gluaisteáin a bhaint den bhóthar 2 noun abolishing or ending sthcealú masc  c m uthe removal of tax relief cealú faoiseamh cánachhe was instrumental in the removal of the government bhí ról lárnach aige maidir leis an rialtas a chur as oifig
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3 (also removals) noun of moving houseaistriú masc  c m ufurniture removal aistriú troscáin 4 noun firing, sacking sbbriseadh masc  c m uthe removal of the Taoiseach briseadh an Taoisigh 5 noun LAW, GOV of incarcerationaistriú masc  c m uremoval of asylum seekers aistriú lucht iarrtha tearmainn 6 noun REL (of dead) to churchaistriú masc  c m uhis removal will take place tonight aistreofar a chorp anocht