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1. adjective glowing red with heat2. adjective very hot3. adjective very new4. adjective very popular or successful5. adjective very passionate6. adjective very likely to succeed 1 adjective glowing red with heatdearg tea red hot poker iarann dearg 2 adjective very hotdearg tethe fire is red hot tá an tine dearg te 3 adjective informal very newúrnua adj3  c m ute bruiteit was red-hot news scéal te bruite a bhí ann 4 adjective informal very popular or successfulthe festival was red-hot bhí an-tóir ar an bhféilethis brand is red-hot right now tá an-éileamh ar an mbranda seo faoi láthair 5 adjective informal very passionateteasghrách adj  c m uthey had a red-hot affair bhí caidreamh paiseanta eatarthu 6 adjective very likely to succeedthey're red-hot favourites iadsan rogha na coitiantachtahe gave me a red-hot tip thug sé sárleid dom