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Similar words: certify · ratify · rectory · testify · electrify · rectifier · beautify · erectile · erecting · erection
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1. verb problem, error etc2. verb omission, deficiency etc3. verb CHEM substance etc4. verb MATH arc5. verb ELEC current 1 verb problem, error etc TRANSITIVEceartaigh verb  c m ucuir i gceartwe'll rectify the situation cuirfimid an scéal ina cheart, leigheasfaimid an scéal 2 verb omission, deficiency etc TRANSITIVEcuir i gceartcúitigh verb  c m uthe deficit has to be rectified caithfear an t-easnamh a chúiteamh 3 verb CHEM substance etc TRANSITIVEceartdealaigh verb 4 verb MATH arc TRANSITIVEtomhais verb  c m u 5 verb ELEC current TRANSITIVEcoigeartaigh verb  c m u