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1. verb slake (thirst)2. verb satisfy (need, desire)3. verb suppress (feeling)4. verb extinguish (fire)5. verb IND plunge (sth) into cold liquid 1 verb slake (thirst) TRANSITIVEmúch verb  c m ubáigh verb  c m u to quench your thirst do thart a mhúchadh 2 verb satisfy (need, desire) TRANSITIVEsásaigh verb  c m uthis desire can only be quenched in one way ní féidir an mhian sin a shásamh ach ar aon slí amháin 3 verb suppress (feeling) TRANSITIVEmaolaigh verb  c m ushe carried on without letting her enthusiasm be quenched lean sí uirthi gan aon mhaolú ar a cuid díograise 4 verb extinguish (fire) TRANSITIVEmúch verb  c m u 5 verb IND plunge (sth) into cold liquid TRANSITIVEfuaraigh verb  c m u