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Similar words: hushed · mushed · pusher · brushed · crushed · flushed · punched · pushrod · bushel · dashed
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pushed is a grammatical form of: push »


1 adjective experiencing difficultythey'll be pushed to accommodate that many people rachaidh sé dian orthu an oiread sin daoine a ghlacadh isteachfor €15 you'll be pushed to find a better wine ba dheacair teacht ar fhíon níos fearr ar €15 2 adjective short of somethingcan't you see I'm pushed for time here? nach bhfeiceann tú go bhfuilim faoi bhrú ama anseo?, nach léir duit go bhfuil cruóg orm anseo?they were really pushed for ideas bhí siad an-ghann ar smaointe

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