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1. adverb openly and officially2. adverb in public3. adverb to be seen by other people4. adverb by state or government5. adverb freely 1 adverb openly and officiallygo poiblíit was publicly announced fógraíodh go poiblí é 2 adverb in publicgo poiblíhe hasn't said anything publicly níl faic ráite go poiblí aige 3 adverb to be seen by other peoplego poiblíos comhair an tsaoilos comhair an tsluashe was publicly executed cuireadh chun báis os comhair an tsaoil í 4 adverb by state or governmentpoiblí  c m uwe're publicly funded maoiniú poiblí a fhaighimid 5 adverb freelygo poiblíit should be publicly available ba cheart go mbeadh teacht ag an bpobal air, ba cheart go mbeadh teacht air go poiblí