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Similar words: missed · disused · pressed · biased · massed · phased · piste · poised · posed · pulsed
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pissed is a grammatical form of: piss »


1 adjective very informal drunkar meisce  c m uólta  c m udallta  c m ucaochta  c m uthey're pissed tá siad ar meisce, tá siad ar a gcaoil he's pissed out of his head (also he's pissed out of his brains) tá sé ar deargmheisce, tá sé stiúgtha ólta, níl cos faoi 2 adjective informal (especially US) annoyedshe's pissed at me tá olc uirthi liom, tá sí ar buile liom, tá sí ar mire liom, tá an ghoimh uirthi liomhe's pissed that it's broken tá sé ar mire go bhfuil sé briste, tá sé spréachta go bhfuil sé briste, tá múisiam air de bhrí go bhfuil sé briste

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