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1. noun ZOOL fish2. noun HIST weapon3. noun AGR farming implement4. noun GEOG hill5. noun SPOR jackknife in diving6. verb AGR fork
1 noun ZOOL fishliús masc1 2 noun HIST weaponpíce masc4  c m u 3 noun AGR farming implementpíce masc4  c m u 4 noun GEOG hillbinn fem2  c m u 5 noun SPOR jackknife in divingpíce masc4  c m u 6 verb AGR fork TRANSITIVEpíceáil verb  c m uto pike hay féar a phíceáil

to come down the pike

(especially US), informal 1 be on the point of happeningbheith ar na bacáin 2 appearthat was the first one ever to come down the pike ba é sin an chéad cheann riamh acu