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1 noun excursion where food is eaten outsidepicnic fem2  c m uthey went on a picnic chuaigh siad ar phicnicto have a picnic picnic a bheith agat
modifierpicnicepicnic area láthair phicnicípicnic hamper ciseán picnice
2 noun food to be eaten outsidepicnic fem2  c m uthey took a picnic with them thug siad picnic leo 3 verb INTRANSITIVEpicnic a bheith agatpicnic a ithethey picnicked on sandwiches bhí picnic ceapairí acu

to be no picnic

informalthis work is no picnic ní haon dóithín an obair seo, ní haon chaitheamh aimsire an obair seo, tá an obair seo maslach go leor