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Similar words: pick at · peck out · pluck at · yack at · peck about · deck out · stick at · puck about · get at · keep at
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peck at

1 (v + prep) eat sparingly TRANSITIVEbheith ag piocadh arhe'd only peck at his food ní bhíodh sé ach ag piocadh ar a chuid bia 2 (v + prep) bird TRANSITIVEpioc ar  c m uit pecked at the flesh bhí sé ag piocadh ar an bhfeoil 3 (v + prep) hit with beak TRANSITIVEpioc ar  c m ugiob verb  c m ua swan was pecking at the boat bhí eala ag piocadh ar an mbád, bhí eala ag bualadh an bháid lena gob → see peck