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1. noun package2. noun FOOD food wrapped in sth3. noun piece of land4. noun FIN quantity of shares5. noun group of people or things6. verb wrap as parcel7. verb divide (land) 1 noun packagebeart masc1  c m ubeartán masc1  c m ushe sent me a parcel of books sheol sí beart leabhar chugam, chuir sí beart leabhar chugam 2 noun FOOD food wrapped in sthbeartógsalmon parcels beartóga bradáin
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3 noun piece of landpíosa masc4  c m udáileacht technical term fema parcel of land píosa talún, giota talaimh 4 noun FIN quantity of sharesbeart masc1  c m u 5 noun group of people or thingsscata masc4  c m uslua masc4  c m ucarn masc1  c m ua parcel of rogues scata rógairí, paca rógairí 6 verb wrap as parcel TRANSITIVEbeart a dhéanamh dehe parcelled the gift rinne sé beart den bhronntanas 7 verb divide (land) TRANSITIVEroinn verb  c m uthe estate was parcelled into small holdings roinneadh an t-eastát ina ghabháltais bheaga

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