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1 noun sheet of paperleathanach masc1  c m uthe answer is on page 100 tá an freagra ar leathanach 100read the next page léigh an chéad leathanach eilethe catalogue is 300 pages long tá 300 leathanach ar fad sa chatalógon the back page ar an leathanach cúilthe fashion pages na leathanaigh faisin 2 noun sheet of paper in book, etc leathanach masc1  c m uto turn a page leathanach a chasadh, leathanach a iompú
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3 noun sheet of writing paperleathanach masc1  c m ublank page leathanach bán, leathanach glan 4 noun measurement of reading, writingleathanach masc1  c m ushe wrote three full pages scríobh sí trí leathanach iomlán 5 noun unit of written and visual informationleathanach masc1  c m u 6 noun young male in royal courtpéitse masc4  c m ugiolla familiar masc4  c m u 7 noun young attendant, pupil of knight péitse masc4  c m ugiolla familiar masc4  c m u 8 noun young male servantpéitse masc4  c m ugiolla familiar masc4  c m u 9 noun young male attendant at wedding giollán masc1  c m ugiolla familiar masc4  c m u 10 noun young male attendant in hotel freastalaí masc4  c m ugiolla masc4  c m u 11 noun (US) TV-RAD junior employeegiolla masc4  c m u 12 noun (US) POL assistant to member of US Congress giolla masc4  c m u
13 verb contact on pager TRANSITIVEteachtaireacht ghlaoire a chur chuig 14 verb announce in public place TRANSITIVEgair verb  c m ufógair verb  c m uscairt verb  c m uI was paged in the airport gaireadh m'ainm amach san aerfort, scairteadh orm go poiblí san aerfort

a page in sth

figurative it was a black page in the history of Yugoslavia ba chaibidil dhorcha é i stair na hIúgslaive, ba ré dhorcha é i stair na hIúgslaive

to be on the same page

(especially US) bheith ar comhthuiscintthey're all very much on the same page tá siad ar fad ag tarraingt lena chéile

to turn the page on sth

bogadh ar aghaidh ó rudrud a fhágáil i do dhiaidh

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