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Similar words: oppose · unopposed · composed · supposed · exposed · imposed · posed · oppressed · composer · disposed
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opposed is a grammatical form of: oppose »


1 adjective in disagreement to be opposed to sth bheith in aghaidh ruda, bheith i gcoinne ruda, bheith in éadan rudahe's strongly opposed to the idea tá sé go láidir in aghaidh an smaoinimh 2 adjective oppositethey have opposed views on it tá siad ar mhalairt dearcaidh ina leith, tá dearcadh éagsúil acu faoi

as opposed to

prepositionmurab ionann isseachas  c m uI use organic eggs as opposed to free-range eggs úsáidim uibheacha orgánacha, murab ionann is uibheacha saor-raoin; úsáidim uibheacha orgánacha seachas uibheacha saor-raoin

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