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1 adjective in only one directionaontreoaonbhealaigh  c m uone-way street sráid aontreoa one-way valve comhla aonbhealaighone-way communication cumarsáid aontreo 2 adjective of ticketaonbhealaigh  c m usingil familiar adj1  c m uone-way ticket ticéad aonbhealaigh, ticéad singil
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3 adjective one-sidedaontaobhach adj1  c m uleatromach adj1  c m uone-way relationship caidreamh leatromach, caidreamh aontaobhach 4 adverb to place but not backbealach amháinthe plane ticket costs €99 one-way €99 atá ar an ticéad eitleáin bealach amháin

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