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1 noun loss of fur, hair or feathersfoladh masccleiteach fem  c m uthe birds are in moult tá na héin ag cur na gcleití, tá an galar cleiteach ar na héin the dog is in moult tá an madra ag cur fionnaidh, tá an madra ag foladh 2 verb shed fur, hair or feathers INTRANSITIVEfol verbthe birds are moulting tá na héin ag cur na gcleití, tá na héin sa chleiteach, tá na héin ag cur cluimhrísome animals don't moult tá ainmhithe ann nach gcuireann an fionnadh
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3 verb shed (sth) during the moulting period TRANSITIVEcuir verb  c m ucaill verb  c m uit moulted its white coat chuir sé a chóta geal fionnaidh, chaill sé a chóta geal fionnaidh

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