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1. noun official work; official group2. noun building3. noun MIL military operation4. noun AERO space flight5. noun sth important to you6. noun of company or organisation7. noun REL religious work or building
1 noun official work; official groupmisean masc1  c m u 2 noun buildingmisean masc1  c m u 3 noun MIL military operationmisean masc1  c m u 4 noun AERO space flightmisean masc1  c m u 5 noun sth important to youmisean masc1  c m ugairm fem2  c m uher mission in life is to promote the common good le leas an phobail a chur chun cinn a tháinig sí ar an saol a man on a mission (also a man with a mission) especially humorous fear faobhair 6 noun of company or organisationbunchuspóir masc3  c m umisean masc1  c m u 7 noun REL religious work or buildingmisean masc1  c m u

mission accomplished

jab déanta

a mission of mercy

misean trócairebeart trócaire