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1. noun REL work of a minister2. noun REL ministering to people's needs3. noun GOV government department 1 noun REL work of a ministerministreacht fem  c m uhis ministry began in 1887 cuireadh tús lena mhinistreacht sa bhliain 1887 2 noun REL ministering to people's needsministreacht fem  c m ufriotháil fem3she was praised for her ministry to the poor moladh í as bheith ag friotháil ar na daoine bochta, moladh í as a cúram do na boicht 3 noun GOV government departmentaireacht fem3


noun GOVAireacht fem3Ministry of Education an Aireacht Oideachais

the ministry

noun RELan mhinistreachtshe was ordained into the ministry oirníodh sa mhinistreacht íhe entered the ministry chuaigh sé leis an ministreacht