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1. adjective BIOL of the sea2. adjective NAUT relating to ships and shipping3. noun MIL soldier
1 adjective BIOL of the seamuirí adj3  c m umara  c m uit belongs to a species of marine fish le speiceas d'iasc mara a bhaineann sémarine pollution truailliú mara 2 adjective NAUT relating to ships and shippingmuirí adj3  c m umara  c m u 3 noun MIL soldier muirshaighdiúir

the Marines

1 noun (also the Royal Marines) MIL, BRITAIN) of British Royal Navyna Muirshaighdiúirí Ríoga 2 noun MIL, US) US Marine CorpsMuirshaighdiúirí na Stát Aontaithe

tell that to the marines


tell it to the marines

) informal inis don ghealach é!

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