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Similar words: make off · make for · make out · rake off · take off · make at · make up · take on · make over · shake off
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make of

1 (v + prep) use opportunities to succeed TRANSITIVEleas a bhaint astairbhe a bhaint asyou can make something of yourself now féadfaidh tú cuma éigin a chur ort féin anoisthey made little of their good fortune at first is beag tairbhe a bhain siad as an ádh a bhí orthu ar dtús 2 (v + prep) understand, form opinion TRANSITIVEciall a bhaint asbrí a bhaint asadhmad a bhaint astuig as PhrV  c m uwhat do you make of it? cén chiall a bhainfeása as?, céard a cheapfá de? → see make

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