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Similar words: make up · grade up · trade up · add up · ease up · have up · lace up · mike up · move up
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1. adjective story etc2. adjective with make-up3. adjective road4. adjective clothes5. adjective delighted 1 adjective story etccumtha adj3  c m uthe story was just a made-up one ní raibh ann ach scéal a cumadh, ní raibh ann ach cumadóireacht 2 adjective with make-upmaisithe  c m ushe was all made-up bhí an smideadh uile uirthi 3 adjective roadcóirithe  c m u 4 adjective clothescríochnaithe  c m u 5 adjective delightedlúcháireach adj1  c m uríméadach adj1  c m u

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