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Similar words: plumber · slumber · lumbar · number · Numbers · blubber · clamber · climber · clubber · plumbed
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1 verb informal with task, responsibility, etc TRANSITIVEI've been lumbered with taking the minutes ormsa a thit sé na miontuairiscí a scríobh, thit sé ar mo cheannsa na miontuairiscí a scríobhthey were lumbered with debts of up to €20,000 fágadh fiacha chomh hard le €20,000 orthuwe were lumbered with looking after her orainne a thit sé aire a thabhairt di 2 verb person, animal, vehicle INTRANSITIVEhe lumbered down the road shiúil sé síos an bóthar go malltriallach, rinne sé a bhealach síos an bóthar go hanástathe trucks lumbered up the hill streachail na trucailí suas an cnoc go mall 3 noun (especially US) timberadhmad masc1  c m ucrainn leagthaa piece of lumber píosa adhmaidlumber mill muileann adhmaid 4 noun junkseantrioc

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