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Similar words: bevy · bevvy · heavy · leafy · leaky · leave · level · lever · nervy · defy
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1. noun FIN tax, fee, etc2. noun HIST, MIL of troops3. noun HIST, MIL group of troops4. verb FIN tax, fee, etc5. verb FIN person, group, etc6. verb HIST, MIL troops 1 noun FIN tax, fee, etctobhach masc1  c m uto impose a levy on sth tobhach a ghearradh ar rudpension levy tobhach pinsin 2 noun HIST, MIL of troopsléibheann masc1  c m uliostáil familiar  c m u 3 noun HIST, MIL group of troopsléibheann masc1  c m u 4 verb FIN tax, fee, etc TRANSITIVEgearr verb  c m utoibhigh technical term verba small charge is levied on all users gearrtar táille bheag ar gach úsáideoir 5 verb FIN person, group, etc TRANSITIVEtobhach a ghearradh arcáin a ghearradh ar 6 verb HIST, MIL troops TRANSITIVEléibheann a dhéanamh arliostáil familiar verb  c m u