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Similar words: heaven · leaden · leave · leaver · leave in · leavened · -leaved · cleaver · heavens · leaving
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1. verb story, situation etc2. verb COOK dough3. noun in situation, narrative, etc4. noun COOK yeast 1 verb literary story, situation etc TRANSITIVEéadromaigh verb  c m udéan níos éadroimethe subject is leavened by the personal anecdotes cuireann na scéalta pearsanta beocht san ábharher humour leavened the tension mhaolaigh a greann an teannas 2 verb COOK dough TRANSITIVElaibhínighlaibhín a chur i 3 noun literary in situation, narrative, etcit's a sombre read with a leaven of wit is leabhar duairc é a bhfuil nathaíocht fite trídit was a leaven of change in society spreag sé athrú sa tsochaí 4 noun COOK yeastlaibhín masc4

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