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know of

1 (v + prep) be aware of TRANSITIVEa fhios a bheith agat faoi  c m ueolas a bheith agat faoi  c m uI don't know of any meeting níl a fhios agamsa faoi aon chruinniú, níl eolas agamsa faoi chruinniú ar biththere's no money that we know of go bhfios dúinn níl aon airgead ann, chomh fada lenár n-eolas níl aon airgead ann not that I know of go bhfios dom, ar feadh m'eolais'Is there a match tomorrow?' 'Not that I know of.' 'An bhfuil cluiche ann amárach?' 'Níl, go bhfios domsa.''Did she buy the house?' 'Not that I know of.' 'Ar cheannaigh sí an teach?' 'Níor cheannaigh, ar feadh m'eolais.' 2 (v + prep) have heard about TRANSITIVE I know of her chuala mé fúithi, chuala mé trácht uirthi, chuala mé iomrá uirthiI know of you from talking to Cormac chuala mé fút ó Chormac, chuala mé trácht ort ag Cormac → see know

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