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1. noun of nut or seed2. noun most important part3. noun small amount4. noun COMP in computer operating systems5. adjective COMP relating to kernel6. adjective LING core, basic 1 noun of nut or seedeithne fem4pine kernel eithne ghiúise, cnó giúise 2 noun most important partcroí masc4  c m uthe kernel of the story croí an scéilthe kernel of the matter croí na ceiste
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3 noun small amountblúire masc4  c m ugráinne masc4  c m uthere isn't a kernel of evidence against him níl blúire fianaise ina choinnethere's a kernel of truth in what he said tá cuid den fhírinne sa mhéid a dúirt sé 4 noun COMP in computer operating systemseithne fem4 5 adjective COMP relating to kerneleithneach adj1kernel mode mód eithneach 6 adjective LING core, basic croí- prefkernel word croífhocal, eochairfhocal