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keeping is a grammatical form of: keep »


nouncoinneáil fem3  c m ucoimeád masc  c m u to be in sb's keeping (also to be in the keeping of sb) bheith faoi choimirce duine

in keeping


in keeping with

) their action was in keeping ba chuí an gníomh a rinne siadit's in keeping with the style of the house tá sé ag teacht le stíl an tí, tá sé ag cur le stíl an títhat's in keeping with his reputation ní bheinn ag súil lena mhalairt uaidh

out of keeping


out of keeping with

) his remark was out of keeping b'aisteach uaidh a leithéid a ráthe windows are out of keeping with the building níl na fuinneoga ag teacht leis an bhfoirgneamh, níl na fuinneoga ag cur leis an bhfoirgneamh

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