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1 noun especially PHYSIOL, MED physical sensationtochas masc1  c m uit caused an itch in my foot chuir sé tochas i mo chosto scratch an itch áit a bhfuil tochas ann a scríobadh 2 noun informal to do sthshe has an itch to travel tá sí ar bís le dul ag taisteal, tá cíocras taistil uirthi I still have the itch to write every now and then (also I still get the itch to write every now and then) tagann fonn scríbhneoireachta orm fós ó am go chéile
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3 verb PHYSIOL skin, etc INTRANSITIVEtochas a bheith ihis nose itched bhí tochas ina shrónI'm still itching tá tochas orm go fóill 4 verb informal cause to itch TRANSITIVEtochas a chur ithe bandage was itching her hand bhí an bindealán ag cur tochas ina lámh, bhí tochas ina lámh ag an mbindealán

to be itching to do sth


to be itching for sth

, to be itching for sb to do sth

) informalbheith ar bís le rud a dhéanamhI was itching to get started bhí mé ar bís le tosú, b'fhada liom go dtosóinnthe people are itching for change is fada leis na daoine go mbeidh athrú ann

the seven-year itch

fonn éalaithefonn bóthairshe got the seven year itch bhuail fonn bóthair í, bhuail dáir í, tháinig fíbín uirthi