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1. verb set (sth) into sth2. verb decorate (sth) with inset3. noun sth set into sth else4. noun map, diagram etc5. noun CRAFT, CLOTH piece of cloth6. adjective set into sth7. adjective of map, diagram etc 1 verb set (sth) into sth TRANSITIVEcuir isteachleag isteach  c m uionsuigh verbthere was a diamond inset at its centre bhí diamant leagtha isteach ina lár 2 verb decorate (sth) with inset TRANSITIVEit was inset with pearls bhí péarlaí curtha isteach ann, bhí péarlaí leagtha isteach ann, bhí péarlaí ionsuite ann
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3 noun sth set into sth elseionsuiteánthe panels have decorative insets tá ionsuiteáin mhaisithe sna painéil 4 noun map, diagram etcintlis fem 5 noun CRAFT, CLOTH piece of clothionsuiteog 6 adjective set into sthionsuiteinset spotlights spotsoilse ionsuite 7 adjective of map, diagram etcintliseinset map léarscáil intlise, mapa intlise