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1. verb insert by injection2. verb patient, animal etc3. verb ENG fuel4. verb humour, energy, etc5. verb money 1 verb insert by injection TRANSITIVEinsteall verba dye is injected into the bloodstream déantar ruaim a instealladh sa sruth folathe dangers of injecting drugs na contúirtí a bhaineann le drugaí a instealladh 2 verb patient, animal etc
TRANSITIVEinstealladh a thabhairt dothe patient is injected in the thigh tugtar instealladh sa leis don otharshe injects herself with insulin tugann sí instealladh insline di féin
INTRANSITIVEinstealladh a thabhairt
3 verb ENG fuel TRANSITIVEinsteall verb 4 verb humour, energy, etc TRANSITIVEhe injected a bit of humour into the debate thug sé iarracht den ghreann isteach sa phléshe tried to inject a bit of life into them thriail sí brí éigin a chur iontuthe win injected fresh momentum into our campaign chuir an bua fuinneamh nua inár bhfeachtas 5 verb money TRANSITIVEcuir isteach  c m uthey injected more money into it chuir siad breis airgid isteach ann, d'infheistigh siad tuilleadh airgid ann

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