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Similar words: indict · induce · inductor · conduct · viaduct · abduct · adduct · deduct · indent · induction
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1 verb also REL into job, role, organisation, etc TRANSITIVEinsealbhaigh verb  c m ushe was inducted as President rinneadh í a insealbhú ina hUachtaránnew members will need to be inducted ní mór baill nua a insealbhúhe was inducted as a minister insealbhaíodh é mar mhinistir, rinneadh ministir de 2 verb COMM, ED with formal introduction TRANSITIVEionduchtaigh verb  c m uto induct new employees fostaithe nua a ionduchtú 3 verb (US) MIL into armed forces TRANSITIVEliostáil verb  c m uto induct soldiers into the army saighdiúirí a liostáil san arm 4 verb to subject, skill TRANSITIVEionduchtaigh verb  c m ublaiseadh a thabhairt doshe was inducted into the art of dance tugadh blaiseadh di d'ealaín an damhsa