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1 adjective relating to India, its people or cultureIndiach(de chuid) na hIndiahe's Indian is Indiach é
► (indefinite NP)
an Indian soldier saighdiúir Indiach, saighdiúir de chuid na hIndia
► (definite NP)
the Indian government rialtas na hIndia
2 adjective offensive relating to Native AmericansIndiach offensive (de chuid) na nIndiach offensive (de chuid) Indiaigh Mheiriceá offensive
► (indefinite NP)
an Indian artist ealaíontóir Indiach, ealaíontóir de chuid na nIndiach, ealaíontóir de chuid Indiaigh Mheiriceá
► (definite NP)
the Indian delegation toscaireacht na nIndiach, toscaireacht Indiaigh Mheiriceá
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3 noun native etc of IndiaIndiach masc1 4 noun offensive Native AmericanIndiach offensive masc1Indiach Mheiriceá offensive

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